What We Think It Would Be Like to Interview For a Job at the Trump White House

It’s no secret that there are plenty of job openings at Trump’s White House. Nobody can seem to stay there longer than a year. The few that can show a particular type of vigor or resilience that one might find akin to a sociopath. If you want a job at the Trump White House, now is the time to act. This begs the question: What would an interview be like at Trump’s White House?

We have compiled a series of questions that may come up during an interview when trying to get a job at the Trump White House. We have also come up with the best ways to answer those questions. If you want to get a job at the White House, follow this advice closely.

Question: Tell me about yourself?


How you answer this may change if you’re applying for a White House job. | Fizkes/iStock/Getty Images

Standard answer: This is a question that they most often start off with. It gives the employer the opportunity to get to know you a bit better. It also lets them see how you will fit into their company culture and the position you’re applying for. Always ask the employer what they want to know, so that you can dial your answer in a bit better. Try not to focus too much on your personal information. Focus on what life skills you have that would fit this job and always be humble about your accomplishments.

Trump-approved answer: When you are interviewing with Trump, the only thing he responds well to is bombast and flattery. There is absolutely no need to project any type of humility. Talk about how great your accomplishments are, even if they were a failure. Always tell Mr. Trump about how great he is. He loves those things.

Next: If you’re currently employed, you may want to heed this advice. 

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