This Fast Food Restaurant Just Overtook McDonald’s as World’s Largest

Looks like $5 footlongs are more ubiquitous than McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) Dollar Menu.

“Healthy” fast food joint Subway now has 33,749 stores around the world — 1,012 more than legendary McDonald’s. Although Subway surpassed McDonald’s US store count approximately nine years ago, the new record establishes management’s critical focus on global markets.

Looking out to the future, “Subway, which opened its first international restaurant in 1984, in Bahrain, expects its number of international restaurants to exceed its domestic ones by 2020, says Don Fertman, Subway’s Chief Development Officer.”

When it Comes to Revenues, McDonald’s is Still King

However, when it comes to revenues, McDonald’s is still king. The burger giant did $24 billion in revenue last year versus $15 billion at Jared’s favorite sub shop. This is a display of McDonald’s awesome per-store revenues of $733,115 versus $444,457 at Subway.

Don’t Forget Starbucks

All of this data comes as another ubiquitous brand, Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX), announced it will start selling instant coffee as packaged goods in China (NYSE:FXI). WSJ reports:

The Seattle-based coffee company’s “Via” branded single-serving coffee packets will be available in more than 800 stores across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan beginning April 6, John Culver, president of Starbucks International, said Tuesday at a news conference in Beijing. It will also be distributed in grocery and convenient stores and later in hotels and entertainment venues, Mr. Culver said, adding that there is not yet a timeline.

Even though it feels like Starbucks is on every corner, it’s still has nearly half the stores as McDonald’s and Subway (16,858).

Looks like these numbers could easily be twice as high when my 18-month old daughter is ready to study abroad in college.