Here’s How T-Mobile Is Luring iPhone Users Away From AT&T

T-Mobile may be making a push to acquire more contract-free iPhone subscribers. The wireless carrier’s network upgrade will have an added benefit of helping its users of the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) devices run their phones on faster data speeds. While T-Mobile does not yet have a contract with Apple, it has about a million iPhone users who have been freed up from their previous phone contracts.

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The planned $4 billion network upgrade has focused on the basic idea that T-Mobile will be able to shift its 4G network to LTE next year, making it faster. However, the upgrade will also help the carrier reframe its spectrum, allowing for 3G speeds on the 1900 MHz band that is compatible with the iPhone. This can then be dedicated to the company’s iPhone subscribers who can currently only run their devices on slow 2G speeds.

Company chief technology offer Neville Ray said efforts to free up the spectrum should gather momentum in the fourth quarter of this year, which would help the company get more aggressive in trying to attract AT&T (NYSE:T) subscribers who are no longer under contract. “It would make sense,” Ray said, but added, “We’re not there yet.”

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) and Nokia Siemens Networks (NYSE:NOK) will work with T-Mobile to build its next-generation network.

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