Three Course Marketing Cheat Sheet of the Week

Get your appetite ready for three courses of practical marketing tips:

Need to make a presentation that won’t put your audience to sleep? Instead of PowerPoint or even Apple’s Keynote consider giving Prezi a try. It can do some really impressive motion transitions that can make even a simple text-based presentation hard to ignore. You can create Prezis that are online or offline, and yes, they have a “freemium” model. So no bucks necessary to use it.

How are customers looking at products today? Is it any different than yesterday? Drew McLellan brought up a good point that we found in our wanderings recently, that makes you think.

Take a hard look at your product/service and think of a customer need that it can fill that isn’t the first thing that comes to people’s minds.

A bank is always looking for ways to increase deposits. It is how a bank functions. Deposits equal capital, capital equals loans, loans equal income.

So how does a bank get that consumer’s money into their bank with increasing competition? There are a hundred ways to market bank accounts, but what need does a bank seem hard pressed to fulfill? Convenience.

Recently we noticed a bank campaign that offered a way for consumers to set up a “Registry” bank account at an this institution. Don’t know what to get that blushing bride? Not sure what that 17 year old will do with that graduation check? Want to put some money away for that new grandchild?

Why not save some brain-racking by making an effortless deposit into an account specifically set up for this individual to receive monetary gifts.

So what do you offer that can be looked at in a unique way? Teeth whitening for the job seeker to look his/her best at their next interview? Tires for a car that are specific to snow, (since we seem to be getting more each year now)? A gift registry bank account?

Think of a new way to look at your product or service. It can be packaging, your website, or a new verbal pitch. If you feel like the market has slowed for you, or it is time to expand your market, then it may be time to look at new customer needs.

I got the new Tim Ferris book Four Hour Body as a Christmas gift. In addition to killer insights and plans for everything from sleeping better to building muscle, it’s also chockablock with great quotes from all sorts of people. One of my favorites:

“Somewhere along the line we seem to have confused comfort with happiness.” – Dean Karnazes

Check Out Four Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss

Tracy Sigler is the founder of AVL Marketing.

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