TIBCO Software Earnings Call Nuggets: Sales Force Transformation and Execution

TIBCO Software (NASDAQ:TIBX) recently reported its second quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Sales Force Transformation

Brent Thill – UBS: Vivek, just on the sales force, maybe just give us a sense of where you think you are at on that transformation and what additional steps do you think need to transpire to return you to full health?

Vivek Ranadive – Chairman and CEO: I think we have – we think we are where we need to be at this point. We’ve changed everything from A to Z starting with the leadership, and we polished every part of the process from who do you call on and what’s the message, all the way down to what you do and how do you work in the field. I think the results this quarter in North America show that all of those efforts are starting to bear fruit. So at this point, we just have to deliver and show what the outcome is. So we think we’ve done all the things that we need to do.

Brent Thill – UBS: And just real quick in the SOA business, there’s been a lot of questions from your investors about the trajectory in that business. Murray, you gave some metrics. I guess just from your perspective, is this just potential lumpy transaction that kind of happens, not as linear as you would like or what are you seeing that’s causing this type of somewhat erratic results in the SOA business versus the analytics business?

Murray Rode – COO and Interim CFO: Well, I think a big factor in the numbers around the SOA and core infrastructure category is just the range of products in that category. It’s a big category that spend a lot of different things, and I think that was part of the reason why I was careful to point out that the core elements of that, things like BusinessWorks and our core messaging products, did well in the quarter. Unfortunately, a lot of the other products in that category kind of overshadowed that fact a little bit. But I think the better performance out of BusinessWorks and core messaging also goes to the fact that the North American infrastructure sales force, in kind of going back to basics on execution did well selling those products.


John Difucci – JPMorgan: My question has to do with execution. Well you just mentioned, Murray, so that’s also talking process. In your press release you say execution remains top priority, which sort of implies you have the right strategy in place. But we’ve seen in several quarters now where you sort of struggled. This one you’ve put up some decent results. But I’m just curious, it does seem like you sort of done lot of self-reflection. But it makes you wonder if the right strategy is in place relative to execution? And you mentioned you’ve improved the process, but I guess is there’s any way you can help us understand, and I know that might be difficult to do, but help understand what you have actually changed as far as the process goes in that strategy?

Vivek Ranadive – Chairman and CEO: Yeah. So we – what the process we’ve actually polished it and fine-tuned it from A to Z from who are we calling on, where are we spending our time and what are we – how are we dealing with our existing customers? And what are we saying to them? And what is the messaging? And when we are in sales cycle, we are winning the technical evaluation 10 times out of 10. But last quarter, we lost a couple of times to big guys, because they were – they can be approach good enough, that they good enough. So, how are we adjusting, and what are we doing with our processes? And this quarter we didn’t the single deal to those guys. So, we’ve gone through and looked at everything. There is absolutely not a sliver of doubt that we have the right strategy, because we have many proof points of where customers have had huge success from the things that they doing with us. Now, we are starting to see that by having different leadership, having different players in different parts under that leadership and really focusing on execution and process that we are starting to really do well. Murray, you want to add to that?

Murray Rode – COO and Interim CFO: I would just add that something we mentioned in the past couple of calls to that we were working on is returning to consistent application of the process and methodology that we have. I think one of the things we’ve highlighted in past quarters is that there was not from the leadership consist application, so that the element of the infrastructure sales force were all rolling in the right direction, doing things the same way. If you ensure that you follow your process, then you have a more reliable basis on which to evaluate your metrics. If people are doing things differently, then it’s much harder to look at the kind of data you’re getting back from your pipeline and your sales force. So, I think a lot of what we’re talking about, and Vivek is talking about, when he says instead of looking at things from A to Z is really ensuring that we do what we are supposed to do that we follow our processes, that we follow our methodologies that we do inspect the pipeline and sales cycles of significant deals.

Vivek Ranadive – Chairman and CEO: When we do that we have great success and there’s absolutely not a slightest of doubt that that 2 second advantage the event driven platform, turning customers into fans. The various initiatives we have are, there’s huge demand for them.

John Difucci – JPMorgan: If I might just one follow-up for Murray. You said sequential license was better than normal seasonality. If you adjust for the licenses have come off the balance sheet can you tell us anything about either how much license is in deferred right now or how much came off this quarter or any kind of metric you can give us along those lines.

Murray Rode – COO and Interim CFO: We haven’t been specifically calling it out, but this quarter there was really no license to speak of that came out of deferred into the quarter.

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