Ticketmaster CEO Aims to Win Over the Fans

For years, Ticketmaster has been pinned as one of the most hated companies in America according to Consumerist, the online offshoot of Consumers Union. Current CEO of Ticketmaster Nathan Hubbard aims to change all that by catering to the fans.

As part of a ten city tour, Hubbard intends to spread the word about Ticketmaster’s new and upcoming policies that will reshape the ticketing industry. But this is not the first time that Hubbard has embarked on a transnational tour. After graduating from Princeton, Hubbard toured as part of the acoustic duo Rockwell Church. In other words, he gets where the fans are coming from and wants Ticketmaster to have their backs as well.

Some of the biggest complaints directed at Ticketmaster over the years have related to hidden fees fans deal with when purchasing tickets. Much to the chagrin of venue managers, Hubbard has been spearheading an initiative to cut away at those fees or at least make them more transparent.

Another major focus of Hubbard’s innovative approach has been enhancing the customer’s overall experience. This includes improving Ticketmaster’s venue maps by allowing users to choose from all seats available rather than Ticketmaster choosing the “best available” seats. In conjunction, Hubbard plans to roll out a new program that will permit users to see where friends on Facebook (NYSE:GS)(NASDAQ:MSFT)are seated. Ticketmaster is also being made more accessible via kiosks in Walmarts and ticket sales through iTunes (NASDAQ:AAPL). Finally, in an initiative unfolding this summer, Ticketmaster will partner with Groupon to offer users cheaper tickets for shows that would otherwise be left with empty seats.

Hubbard has a long road ahead if he wants to undo the stigma Ticketmaster has accrued over the years, but his fan-oriented approach gives him an edge over his predecessors.

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