Tivo 3Q Conference Call Nuggets: 2012 Goals, Buybacks and DIRECTV

TIVO Inc. (NASDAQ:TIVO) reported its third quarter earnings and in its subsequent conference call, the company answered the following analysts’ questions we thought you’d like to know.

2012 Goals

Tony Wible – Janney Montgomery Scott asked: I was hoping you could talk about some of the goals that you laid out for next year, specifically adding new MSO partners. What part of the globe do you think represents the biggest opportunity for you? I asked last quarter about Latin America but are there any updates?

Thomas S. Rogers – CEO and President responded: We think that there are several hundred million subscribers that are owned by operators who are going to have to go through a transition in the next two to three years, to advanced television. And I think different parts of the globe will go through transition at different times.

I think near term, now, next year, North America and Western Europe will be the places where you have operators most engaged in the discussions necessary to make those decisions to make the transition to advanced TV.

Our efforts are most focused there.

But by no means, exclusively focused there, and I take your point on Latin America, and I’d say same about certain pockets of Asia; however, it’s a very large opportunity, given the number of subs owned by the number of operators that got to go through this transition.


David Miller – Caris & Company asked: Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the share buyback program announced on the last earnings call, or was it before that? And if it was before that, did you buy any stock back in the quarter? Or does it look like it?

Thomas S. Rogers – CEO and President responded: It was before the last earnings call and no, we did not buy anything back during the quarter. We’ll continue to look to be opportunistic on price dips, but we did not do so in the last quarter.


Todd Mitchell – Brean Murray asked: Can you talk without giving specifics about DIRECTV (NASDAQ:DTV) and how you’re going to be positioned on that platform, vis-a-vis their own DVR? Also in terms of the installed base of TiVos on DIRECTV, do you know who to directly market to in the install base?

Thomas S. Rogers – CEO and President responded: In terms of how we will be positioned, just to be clear at the outset, they would be initiating their launch in a number of major select markets in December, and then early next year, roll out the product nationally.

DIRECTV has obligations to nationally market us, and those obligations are substantial so it is something that will be marketed, in addition to their homegrown platform. We don’t bear those marketing costs.

They obviously know who the DIRECTV, TiVo current customers are; they know people who previously had TiVo and who had it for a long time and presumably who are satisfied customers. They know this to direct their marketing to I would expect some of their initial marketing will be focused on those very groups as it enrolls out more broadly to all DIRECTV customers.