Top 3 Reasons Markets Finished February with a Win

Markets closed up on Wall Street: DJI +0.79% SP500 +0.56% Nasdaq +0.04% Gold +0.04%

The markets were up because:

  • Personal Incomes jumped and the Fed said they are ready to add more monetary steroids if the economy falters after QE2. New York Fed Bank President William Dudley and St. Louis Fed Bank President James Bullard both said they are down to vote for continued Federal Reserve intervention. Now Check Out: 4 The One Chart Health Insurers and Hospitals Don’t Want You to See >>
  • Warren Buffett blessed the US recovery and markets. Whether you care or not, Buffet’s positive comments are plastered all over the media and that’s how retail investors are influenced — and their was M&A activity in his new favorite sector: healthcare. Nationwide Health Properties, Inc. (NYSE:NHP) — a real estate investment trust that invests primarily in senior housing, long-term care properties and medical office buildings — is now an acquisition target for rival Ventas, Inc. (NYSE:VTRDon’t Miss: Here are Warren Buffett’s 10 Secrets for Making Berkshire Hathaway a Success >>