Toy Story 3 Now the Top Grossing Pixar Movie

Woody is the new sheriff in Pixar-land.

Watch out Nemo, Toy Story 3 has now passed Finding Nemo as Pixar’s  highest grossing film ever produced.

The highly successful animated studio, a subsidiary of Disney (NYSE: DIS) has used its computer-generated imagery to accrue one of the most impressive track records of consistent box office success and profitability.  Pixar first captivated audiences fifteen years ago with its breakout hit– the original Toy Story — and it has once again delivered a crowd pleaser with this latest sequel.

Toy Story 3 has certainly benefited from the rising popularity and pricing of premium 3D formats (much to the benefit of IMAX (NASDAQ: IMAX) and RealD.  Yet in barely more than three weeks, the movie has quickly exceeded the box office successes of Finding Nemo.  Although Toy Story 3 is already the top grossing Pixar movie ever, it has some work to do before passing Avatar as the highest grossing 3d movie of all time ($750 million for Avatar compared to $340 million for Toy Story 3).

Needless to say, RealD should be very pleased with the timeliness of its IPO considering it can ride the coattails of the Toy Story 3 blockbuster success into its inaugural week as a public company.

Disclosure: Long IMAX