Toyota Projections Are Up Through 2013

America may be facing the fiscal cliff, but Toyota (NYSE:TM) is expecting some gains for 2013 and solid performance compared to 2012.

The Japan automaker was pressed in its production after the Sendai Earthquake in March 2011, but appears to be recovering this year, and expects to expand on that recovery in 2013. Toyota expects to produce 8.7 million vehicles next year, and 8.74 million total for 2012, with sales predicted to rise 2.5 percent from this year. Group-wide production could be up as much as 26 percent from last year, and up slightly more for 2013, with sales up 22 percent to 9.7 million cars in 2012, and then further to 9.91 million in 2013.

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With production increasing and sales increasing, it’s only natural to expect shares to move around a bit in their wake. Though Toyota’s sales are expected only to rise 2.5 percent for next year, the group-wide sales, which include Daihatsu and Hino motors, look more favorable with a 22 percent increase.

Becoming a bigger, better-selling auto manufacturer for 2012 should boost Toyota’s value and make shares increase as well. After an impaired 2011, a strong growth in 2012 would really help out the company, and further growth for 2013 ought to push shares even more positive.

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