Tribute to Loved Ones Lost on 9/11

9-11Forget about the death of Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns. Those losses will be regained. This weekend is a timeout to remember the loved ones lost on 9/11.

I walked by Ground Zero every day, at least twice a day, on my way to and from work. No matter how hectic my Manhattan day unfolded, that part of my walk always refocused my attention. I watched people from all over the world stand at the perimeter fences and stare in awe at the gaping hole downtown. There were many tears, photos, and flowers. But most importantly, without fail, there was a sense that innocent lives were lost during an epic moment of human history.

This weekend I don’t want to hear about Dick Fuld or Alan Greenspan. Dante already illustrated where those megalomaniacs are headed. Instead, I will be remembering the horrible sadness I felt on 9/11 and everyday I walked by Ground Zero. I will be remembering that each person in those towers left behind children, spouses, siblings, parents, friends, colleagues, and neighbors who will never completely heal from their tragic losses.

So, from all of us at Wall St. Cheat Sheet, our thoughts are with loved ones lost and we wish you a safe and meaningful 9/11 …

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