15 Tricks Grocery Stores Use to Get You to Spend More Money

Americans spend more than $150 at the grocery store each week, according to a Gallup survey. If that’s more than you’d prefer to spend, don’t worry. It’s not your fault. In fact, you’re probably being duped by your neighborhood supermarket’s tricky psychological tactics to get you to spend more money.

It’s a cunningly orchestrated process, and we all succumb to its pressure without even realizing it. Every store feature lures us in: the layouts, carefully crafted color schemes, and even checkout counter designs. But the joke’s on them because we’ve uncovered the 15 sneakiest ways grocery stores get you to spend more money.

1. Milk in the back

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Putting milk in the back is one way stores get you to spend more money. | iStock.com

The most popular items, such as milk, are always in the back of the store. And though some grocery managers say this is purely for logistical reasons (after all, the dairy coolers should be as close to the delivery truck as possible), others will tell you it’s purely economic reasons. It makes sense though. By placing milk in the back, you pass almost every other item in the store first.

Next: Stores are going “green.” And by green, we mean money.

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