Here’s One Simple Mind Hack to Start the Week Off Right

Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

If you’re looking for productivity hacks, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re hitting the afternoon wall and are certain you won’t be able to get another iota of work done, or merely looking for ways to improve your daily workflow to accomplish more, there is a virtual smorgasbord of advice available to those who seek it. But above all, becoming and remaining productive takes discipline – and discipline starts with a few small steps.

The key concept here is “small” – because every great journey, whether being undertaken by Bilbo Baggins, or simply a quest to improve your own personal workflow – starts with small steps.

So, how can you take that concept, polish it up, and use it to your advantage? If you read through our tips to remain productive throughout the workday, then you already know: it’s to take those small steps, and celebrate each as a victory. Victories and accomplishments give us a mental and psychological boost. They build momentum. And when you can string a number of victories together, you’ll soon feel unstoppable. Like Napoleon, or Genghis Khan conquering entire continents.

Then, once you have developed enough momentum, the key is to keep it up; if you relent, you’ll lose it all, but if you keep pushing, you’ll go to bed each night knowing that you thoroughly kicked the world’s ass. And you’ll be ready to do it again tomorrow.

The real trick to take this idea and put it into action is simple. If you work a Monday through Friday schedule and you find yourself feeling defeated and depleted as Sunday night approaches, you’ll need to find ways to swing the momentum back into your favor. Starting Monday morning, view each simple task as an opportunity – viewing problems or obstacles as opportunities is another concept we’ve discussed before – to become victorious.

Have a hard time getting up in the morning? Snap out of bed, and already you’ve delivered the universe a right hook. Hop in the shower, make it through the commute, and suddenly you’re at your desk. Knocking out emails and slamming out spreadsheets? You just unleashed a hellish combo on your work week, and you should be feeling pretty good. That’s the momentum. You’re a champion.

Now, you just need to keep up the momentum, and use it to get through the rest of the week. By the end of Monday, you should be feeling pretty good. But don’t let it end there. Hit the gym, cook dinner for your family, give your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend a big kiss – you don’t want to let your victory streak end. And you can continue the streak, by applying this mindset to tasks you may never have considered, like knocking out a few chapters of a book, or going to bed on time.

And then, when Tuesday morning’s alarm goes off? The world is already on the defensive, and you’re a machine that’s zeroing in for another day of punishing blows. It may sound a bit ridiculous, but if you can get yourself to adopt this sort of mindset, you’ll be upbeat, productive, and getting way more accomplished.

You’ll be doing it all while your co-workers or professional rivals are still struggling with the snooze button. While they’re doing that, you’re getting ready to tackle higher, loftier goals; perhaps getting that raise, finding a better job, or going out on your own to start a business.

It all comes back to taking baby steps, and celebrating (in your mind) each completed task as a victory. A successful campaign against some sort of oppression. Whether it be as small as getting out of bed, or as big as nailing a big presentation. You’re a field marshal, cratering enemy positions in the battlefield that is your life, and securing enemy territory with each passing day.

Just remember to keep yourself in check, and not turn all Napoleonic when it comes to your personal relationships. There’s a balance to strike. You don’t want your friends and family sarcastically referring to you as “Rommel” behind your back. And don’t forget to cover your bases – though you’re on your own personal quest for glory (whatever that means to you), you need to lend a helping hand, and take on the role of a leader. Making it to the top won’t mean much if nobody respects you.

Just look at Martin Shkreli, for example.

Reeling it back in, it all starts with a simple flipping of the mental switch. Change your frame of mind, view each and every task as an opportunity, and conquer. Develop momentum, and run with it. Before you know it, you won’t just be operating on upgraded software, you’ll have made a leap to an entire new system.

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