Twitter + TV = Advertising Dream?

Is Twitter the true “soundtrack to television?” The media scientists at Twitter seem to think so, and are ready to test their theory.

The 160-character-or-less social media platform announced its new TV ad-targeting programming Thursday, explaining a strategy where “the new ad product taps special technologies to “watch” television and note when a commercial airs. At the same time, it “listens” to Twitter for people posting about the same show. The technology then allows advertisers to target ads on Twitter to people who likely saw their commercials on television.”

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Did you get that? And are you wondering if this will even work? Advertisers know so. Bonin Bough, vice-president of global media and consumer engagement for Mondelez (NASDAQ:MDLZ), reported that television ads are proven to be twice as effective when product makers participate in conversations on Twitter at the same time they run television ads.

And Twitter is not only ready to take advantage of people’s proclivity to pull up their Twitter feed during television programs. It also plans on partnering with a series of media companies including Major League Baseball, Time Inc (NYSE:TWX) and Vevo, that will help it gain the TV face-time it needs, revealed in its Twitter Amplify programme. These media companies will help “introduce into users’ news feeds more video clips from television broadcasters as well as real-time sponsorships that link ads on television to promotions on Twitter.”

The media and advertising executives that were present for the big Twitter announcement seemed on-board, as the company’s global ad revenues are expected almost double this year. The announcement also comes on the heels of Twitter’s biggest ad deal yet with Publicis’ Starcom MediaVest Group.

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