Unemployed and Not Looking For Jobs: Wisconsin Will Make You Sweat

Wisconsin is not the most unemployment-friendly state. The state legislature’s Joint Finance Committee voted Monday to approve a proposal that would require Wisconsin’s unemployed to double their work searches from two to four searches per week. Should they fail to meet requirements, they would lose their benefits, NBC 15 reported Monday morning, hours before the vote.

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The budget committee approved the proposal Monday afternoon, making Wisconsin a state with one of the toughest job requirement searches in the country, compared to states like Pennsylvania and Michigan who only mandate that their unemployed apply to a minimum of two jobs per week. According to a briefing paper by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, only three other states require four or more searches a week.

Though the change was up for a vote Monday in the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee, the full legislature will have to agree for the change to take effect. The Democrats are against the proposal, claiming it is “designed to kick people off of unemployment insurance.” Republicans deny this claim, explaining that the proposal will work to better encourage people to secure jobs.

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