Unusual Jobs for Retirees Who Want to Live the RV Life

There are lots of reasons why people opt to live in an RV post-retirement. First and foremost, a life on the road means fewer expenses. With paltry Social Security checks and potentially no savings, many retirees are finding the cost of living too expensive.

Another reason for hitting the road for the year is that ditching a full-time job means people are finally finding time to travel like they’ve always wanted to. But even with an open schedule, some retirees may need an extra source of income to remain comfortable.

There are a few surprising jobs you can get while maintaining a nomadic lifestyle on the road in your RV. Read on for some of the best jobs you can do while living that RV life.

1. Amazon’s Camperforce

amazon boxes

They let people park their RV and make some extra money. | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Workampers take jobs at Amazon fulfillment centers across the country, helping the mammoth retailer fulfill orders during their busiest times, such as during the holiday season. The hourly pay rate is $11 with overtime available, and the stints only last a few months at a time, making this line of work the perfect opportunity for retirees living out of RVs.

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2. Crop harvester

Red Delicious apples hang from the branches

You could help farmers pick fruit during busy season. | Jeff T. Green/Getty Images

Staying active in your later years is as easy as finding work on farms harvesting fruits, vegetables, and berries. Farmers are always looking for temporary workers to help gather or even sell fresh produce, and they often pay by the day in cash.

The annual sugar-beet harvest is an especially popular pick for retirees. The American Crystal Sugar Company draws hundreds of RV inhabitants to Montanta, North Dakota, and Michigan at the end of September. Seasonal workers get $12 per hour plus overtime and a designated parking space. The company claims you can make $2,500 in two weeks’ time.

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3. Campground employee

Riverside RV Campsite

This may seem the most obvious. | Warren_Price/iStock/Getty Images

Here’s a no-brainer — as someone who lives in a campground full-time, why not work at the place you sleep?

Lots of retirees are opting to settle down in one location for several months at a time and working at the same spot they’re parked. From recreation assistants to front desk employees, campground hosts, grounds keeping, and maintenance, there are plenty of different places to earn money at an RV park.

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4. Traveling salesperson

RV trailer in the badlands

You can sell your goods on the road. | Kent Weakley/iStock/Getty Images

Ever dream of becoming a traveling salesman? When you’re living in an RV, it’s possible to earn thousands without getting stuck in an office.

Take Richard Dahl. He sold everything to live on the road full-time and first tried his hand at peddling campground memberships. It wasn’t until he started selling water filters for recreational vehicle plumbing systems that he really struck gold. He sold 1,300 filters for $30 each, creating a tidy profit to live off.

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5. Course instructor

If you’re good at repair, you can teach it. | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

People at campgrounds are always looking for a fun activity, and if you can capitalize on their boredom, you can make a few extra bucks even after you’ve retired in your RV.

Terry Cooper was a college instructor in a previous life, but after retiring, he created a five-day course to show people how to maintain and repair their RVs. He charges $1,644 for tuition and has people signed up for courses in 10 different locations.

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6. Seasonal retail employee

retail cashier

It’s pretty easy to get a retail job around the holidays. | Kena Betancur/Getty Images

The best thing about working at your favorite store during the holiday season is that you don’t have to make a lengthy commitment. The second best thing? That store discount comes in handy when you do your holiday shopping.

Most retailers take on seasonal employees during November and December. It’s easier to get a job during this time frame, and you can reap all the benefits of working at your favorite store without signing on for the long haul.

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7. Work from home employee

Hands on Laptop keyboard high quality and high resolution studio shoot

There are plenty of sites to search. | Getty Images

As working from home becomes more and more popular, people are less likely to be anchored to specific geographic locations. These types of jobs are well-suited to RV dwellers.

All you need is a laptop, WiFi, and determination to get your work done while working out of your RV. Search for flexible arrangement and remote jobs on all the major job search sites, or on more targeted sites such as FlexJobs. You can score positions in data entry, IT, teaching, writing, and more than 50 different industries.

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8. Business consultant

Consultant is explaining solutions

You can make some serious cash. | BernardaSv/iStock/Getty Images

You spent your life gaining experience in a particular industry — now it’s time to share that knowledge.

Consultants and coaches are paid to impart wisdom and provide outside perspective to companies, and your golden years and the ideal time to do that. Use the connections you’ve built over the decades and find a company that could benefit from your expertise. The earning potential for consultants is limitless.

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