10 Unusual Jobs That Surprisingly Pay Over $100,000

A man hands over a check for a job well done

A man hands over a check for a job well done | iStock.com/AndreyPopov

To earn a lot of money, you typically need a good job. Some people manage to get by living off of an inheritance or by other strokes of good fortune. But for the average person? We need to work, and usually, our goal is to earn the most by putting in the least amount of effort. You can manage to do that, in some cases, by working weird, strange, or unusual jobs.

We’re not just talking about odd jobs or things you might do here and there to earn some beer money. Instead, we’re talking about jobs that are completely unorthodox, that you can actually make a career of. But you probably don’t want to just scrape by, right? You want to earn some serious cash, especially if you’re going to be doing something that’s dangerous or incredibly uncomfortable.

You want to be earning at least six-figures, in some cases. After all, you wouldn’t become a professional cuddler, or try to repossess a Gulf Stream without getting paid well, right?

There are an innumerable number of ways to earn a living, including the unorthodox. But not all of those career paths or jobs necessarily pay well. We’ve scoured the economy high and low to find some of the most unusual jobs that pay at least $100,000. Some of these are salaried positions while others are more gig-based, meaning that people take individual jobs on a per-case basis.

If you want to earn a good living and do it in a very unusual way, these jobs may be for you.

1. Bed warmer

Beautiful blonde woman hiding face under cover

Beautiful blonde woman hiding face under cover | iStock.com/megaflopp

You won’t find a more unusual job than a human bed warmer. And yes, this job is exactly what it sounds like — someone pays you to get in a bed and warm it up for them. Evidently, some people hate the idea of jumping into a nice, clean, fresh bed and having to withstand 30 seconds or so of being cold. The pay for a human bed warmer can top $200,000.

2. Computer hacker

A hacker, likely loading an Amazon gift card balance onto a stranger's account

A hacker, likely loading an Amazon gift card balance onto a stranger’s account | iStock.com

If you’ve seen House of Cards, you know that computer hackers can be turned around and used by the “good guys.” Not all hackers are malicious, and many work in the security industry. The pay is pretty good, too. Salaries for “ethical” computer hackers can top $100,000.

3. Plane repossession

A traveler eyeing airplanes in an airport

A traveler eyeing airplanes in an airport | iStock.com

Want to steal planes, or even yachts for a living? You can do so as a high-end repo man/woman. The salary or pay for these types of positions can vary wildly, as you end up essentially chasing a bounty, or reselling the asset. So, you can make an absolute fortune, or take one job per year and still cover your living expenses. It’s extremely dangerous, too.

4. Body for-hire

A groom with his dudes

A groom with his dudes | iStock.com

This isn’t a specific job per se, but rather, is the act of renting out your body for the short-term. No, not like a prostitute. Two examples? You can be a mourner at a funeral or be a stand-in bridesmaid at a wedding. Pay can vary, but if you can string enough gigs together, you’ll put yourself into the six-figure range for the year.

5. Diver

A diver with a shark

A diver with a shark | iStock.com

You’re not going to earn a ton of money to merely scuba. You’ll need to work while you’re down there, and the ability to perform certain tasks underwater is fetching high salaries. Welders, for example, can earn huge salaries. Also, the extraction industry is in need of divers to build and repair platforms and pipelines.

6. Snugglers

Couple man and woman lay cuddling on the bed

Couple man and woman lay cuddling on the bed | iStock.com/Kuzmichstudio

You’ve probably seen this on many other lists of odd or unusual jobs — professional snugglers. Yes, you can get paid quite a bit to snuggle with a stranger. That may be a pleasurable experience or an absolute nightmare. As with many other jobs on this list, the pay can vary. But if you snuggle hard enough, you can make a sizable salary.

7. Astronomer

Imaginary view of the Earth in outer space

Imaginary view of the Earth in outer space | iStock.com/titoOnz

Wouldn’t you want to get paid six figures to stare at stars and planets? Astronomy isn’t an easy field to get into, as it requires a lot of credentials, but if you can climb the ladder, the salaries are pretty hefty. An astronomer on the government payroll can easily make $100,000 per year.

8. Cook or chef

Bacon in a frying pan

Bacon in a frying pan | iStock.com

A cook or chef isn’t an unusual job. But depending on where you do it, it can get unusual, fast. Cooks that work in fairly wild surroundings — like submarines, for example, can break the six-figure threshold. Of course, there isn’t really a ton of demand for them, but it beats making $10 per hour on the line at Applebee’s.

9. Decoy executives

handsome young business man sitting on a white modern chair

A handsome young executive who may not be what he seems | iStock.com/feedough

In certain parts of the world, acting as a fake businessman or executive is an actual job. There are stories from China in which white men are paid thousands to pose for acts of corporate theater. It’s bizarre, but if you fit the role, it can pay well.

10. Golf ball retrieval

George Costanza, king of unusual jobs: Marine biologist and golf ball retrieval specialist

George Costanza, king of unusual jobs: Marine biologist and golf ball retrieval specialist | NBC

Would you make a career out of diving into ponds and retrieving golf balls that missed their marks? If you’re willing, it can evidently be pretty lucrative. Some even earn enough to break the six-figure mark.

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