15 Unusual Jobs That Surprisingly Pay Over $100,000

A man hands over a check for a job well done

A man hands over a check for a job well done | iStock.com/AndreyPopov

To earn a lot of money, you typically need a good job. Some people manage to get by living off of an inheritance or by other strokes of good fortune. But for the average person? We need to work, and usually, our goal is to earn the most by putting in the least amount of effort. You can manage to do that, in some cases, by working weird, strange, or unusual jobs.

We’re not just talking about odd jobsĀ or things you might do here and there to earn some beer money. Instead, we’re talking about jobs that are completely unorthodox, that you can actually make a career of. But you probably don’t want to just scrape by, right? You want to earn some serious cash, especially if you’re going to be doing something that’s dangerous or incredibly uncomfortable.

You want to be earning at least six-figures, in some cases. After all, you wouldn’t become a professional cuddler, or try to repossess a Gulf Stream without getting paid well, right?

There are an innumerable number of ways to earn a living, including the unorthodox. But not all of those career paths or jobs necessarily pay well. We’ve scoured the economy high and low to find some of the most unusual jobs that pay at least $100,000. Some of these are salaried positions while others are more gig-based, meaning that people take individual jobs on a per-case basis.

If you want to earn a good livingĀ and do it in a very unusual way, these jobs may be for you.

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