15 Unusual Jobs That Will Help You Retire on a Cruise Ship

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Many people cite travel as a top goal when they retire. What better time to see the world, try exotic foods, and meet interesting people than after leaving behind the burdens of career life? Some retirees travel by choosing the cruise ship life. One way to do this affordably may be to get a job on a cruise ship.

Cruise ships have been compared to small towns, each with a variety of jobs, both typical (think housekeeping and gift shop sales) and unusual (think lecturing and teaching yoga). You’ll find there are plenty of unique jobs to apply for that may be suitable for retirees in this $13 billion-per-year industry. Here we’ll show you 15 unusual cruise ship jobs and what they entail. While some of these jobs are paid positions, others are non-paying but do provide you with a free (or almost free) cruise experience.

1. Gentleman host

  • Cost: $28 per day

One of the quirkiest cruise ship jobs out there may be that of the gentleman host. Generally, women passengers on cruise ships outnumber men. Large cruise ships usually have a number of designated male escorts, many of whom are retired from other careers. They are responsible for hosting dinner tables and making sure single women always have a dance partner.

Typically, applicants must be single males age 40 or older. If you apply, know that you’ll be scrutinized closely for poise and conversation skills. One noteworthy rule: Sex with passengers is not allowed. It will get you thrown off the ship and in possible legal trouble. This isn’t a paid gig. Rather, you’ll likely pay a small daily fee. One cruise line charges escorts $28 per day in exchange for a first-class room, meals, and a bar tab covered.

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