Wall St Cheat Sheet Talks Stocks on New FOX Business Show ‘Money Rocks’

On Friday, I was invited to visit Eric Bolling at his new show studios for ‘Money Rocks’ on FOX Business 8 pm and 11 pm EST every night. Like our Editor-in-Chief and my brother, Damien Hoffman, Bolling is a fellow Duke Alum holding the NCAA Basketball Champion bragging rights this year. He winning attitude ingredients should bring champion ratings to ‘Money Rocks.’

At first, I did not know what to expect out of the show, but I must say I had an incredible time contributing to ‘Money Rocks.’ Eric Bolling continues to impress audiences and guests alike with his high element of professionalism and smarts. As a former CNBC Fast Money veteran, Eric understands business television and where it’s heading better than anyone I know right now. His new show mixes the one-on-one talk show format of Donnie Deutsch’s hit CNBC show ‘Big Idea’ with Bill Maher’s panel of eclectic opinions on policy issues affecting American culture and society. Eric asked me to join his panel segment on Friday and I gladly accepted the opportunity for both ‘Admirals’ to face-off among a star-studded panel of guests. As I assumed the money and stock idea perspective, we covered illegal immigration- the electrical underground fence, Jay Leno and Bin Laden in Bollywood. Here’s the video clip from Episode #5 of ‘Money Rocks’ with Eric Bolling:

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