Walmart Tests Home Delivery Service | Godsend or Creepy Fail?

Walmart announced Friday the company is testing a home delivery service whereby employees will not only deliver people’s groceries, but also enter and put away groceries when no one is home. While some busy families will indeed find the new service a godsend, others may very well question the wisdom of letting a stranger into one’s home when no one else is there.

Walmart is testing home delivery

Walmart announced Sept. 22 the company is testing delivering groceries to people’s houses when they are not at home, and putting food away in the fridge. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

In announcing the service, the retailer touted how the it could help busy families get through their days with less rush and stress. “Think about that – someone else does the shopping for you AND puts it all away. Clearly this adds more convenience to the day-to-day, but it makes the unexpected easier, too,” wrote eCommerce Strategy & Business Operations VP Sloan Eddleston on the Walmart blog Friday.

“Imagine planning a last-minute get-together and having everything you need to entertain already waiting for you inside your fridge,” Eddleston continued. “Or maybe you think during lunch at work that you’d like to surprise your spouse by making dinner, but don’t have time to run to the store. In the future, you could order on and start cooking minutes after you walk through the door.”

The service will be tested in Silicon Valley with a small group of August Home users who already have the keyless entry system installed on their doors.

Walmart released a video explaining the process.

While some may be comfortable with the process, others may say no way. Some people reacted to the new trial by posting opinions on Twitter.

“I guess grocery shopping couldn’t get any easier,” posted $5 dinner blogger Erin Chase on her Facebook page. “But this feels really weird to me. Would you use this kind of grocery delivery??? Would you want a stranger in your house while you’re not home?”

Well then. I guess grocery shopping couldn't get any easier. But this feels really weird to me. Would you use this kind…

Posted by $5 Dinners on Friday, September 22, 2017

PureWow may have said it best, in an article published Friday: “We have to ask: Are we all completely cool with a total rando entering our home? Well, only if they’re putting the eggs in the right place.”

One benefit of the service may be it would save people the time of making their way through crowded store aisles and waiting in lengthy lines.