Want to Own a Piece of Disney World? Here’s How to Buy Disney Stock

You already spend your annual vacation at the Magic Kingdom and have a room in your house dedicated to Mouse memorabilia. But if you’re a true Disney fan, you probably want something more. If that’s the case, it might be time to think about owning a piece of the Walt Disney Company itself.

Disney is a publicly traded company, which means that anyone with enough cash is free to buy a piece of one of the world’s most-loved brands. A single share in the House of Mouse costs roughly $117, as of August 7.

Making an investment in Disney is easy, even if you’ve never invested before. We’ll show you how.

Buying Disney stock through a brokerage

Minnie and Mickey Mouse

Minnie and Mickey Mouse | Mark Ashman/Disney via Getty Images

If you have a brokerage account, you can buy Disney stock. Companies like TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, Capital One, and Fidelity all let individual investors easily set up an online account and make trades for a minimal fee. Before signing up for an account, make sure you consider your investing needs and the different commissions and fees.

Once your account is set up and funded, you can get started investing. You decide how many shares you want to buy of a given company – in this case, Disney – and place your order. Then, just like bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, you’re a part owner of the Walt Disney Company.

Disney stock direct purchase

Going through a brokerage isn’t the only way to own a piece of Disney. You can also purchase shares directly from the company through its direct stock purchase plan.

The Walt Disney Company Investment Plan is run by Broadridge Financial Solutions. For a minimum investment of $175, you can join the plan. Or, you can agree to make automatic monthly purchases of at least $50. After you sign up, you can make additional investments of $50 or more through automatic investment, check, or money order.

Will I get a stock certificate?

Whether you’re buying Disney stock for yourself or as a gift for your kids or grandkids, you might like to have physical proof of your investment. Unfortunately, Disney, like most other companies, no longer issues paper stock certificates.

However, you can buy a paper collectible certificate if you want a tangible reminder of your investment. While these mementos have no actual value, some people find them fun to own. Collectible certificates sold through the Walt Disney Company Investment Plan cost $50 and are only available to verified Disney shareholders.

You can buy a collectible certificate even if you bought your shares through a broker, though you’ll need to complete a form proving you own the stock. The certificates are unframed.

If you’re buying Disney stock as a gift, you can also go through a site like Give a Share. You can buy a single share and a framed collectible certificate in one seamless transaction.

Is Disney the right investment for you?

Walt Disney World Resort marked its 45th anniversary

Disneyland | David Roark/Disneyland Resort via Getty Images

You might be thinking of Disney stock as a kind of souvenir, but it’s also an investment. That means it can grow – or shrink – in value. If you’re planning on buying more than a share or two as a novelty, you should think about how an investment in Disney will fit with the rest of your portfolio and your investment goals.

The Walt Disney Company is what is known as a blue-chip stock. Blue chips are stable, large companies that tend to be perceived as relatively safe investments. (Of course, no investment is 100% guaranteed – even Disney!) In May 2018, Kiplinger included Disney on a list of safe blue-chip stocks to own, along with companies like Walgreens, Aflac, and 3M.

While owning a few shares of Disney isn’t going to make you rich, you might see a nice return on your investment over time. The website How Much calculated that if you invested $1,000 in Disney in 2007, that would have grown to $2,824 by 2017. That might be the real magic of Disney.

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