Want to Work From Home? 25 Jobs to Check Out in 2016

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Things are looking up for your career prospects in 2016, if you’re looking for more flexible work opportunities. The number of people who report being able to work flexible hours or from remote locations has continued to increase, and it’s more conceivable that you could ask your boss for more flexible options. About 30% of employees say they would take flexible work options over a pay raise, which gives companies incentives to offer it as a benefit.

As working away from the office becomes more common, the range of flexible jobs available becomes larger. Some options might be surprising, like test kitchen chefs and project managers in certain fields. Sara Sutton Fell, the founder and CEO of FlexJobs, told The Cheat Sheet in a recent interview she is expecting 2016 to be another year of expansion for flexible job opportunities.

As part of the team’s ongoing research about flexible work, FlexJobs compiled a list of the 25 job fields that have the most growth potential to start the year. To come up with the list, FlexJobs compared data from Business Insider’s list of the 21 best jobs of the future and Lifehack’s list of jobs with the most potential for 2015 and 2016, along with FlexJob’s own database of flexible job openings. The information is based on growth estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and many were chosen because their salaries start above the 2014 median annual wage of $35,540.

There’s still room for growth in many industries in terms of offering some type of telecommuting or flexible work option. However, fields like medicine/health, computer/IT and software, and finance/accounting all have a great potential for expanding options for employees looking for a new kind of work setup.

“While some industries are better represented here than others, it’s important to note that flexible jobs are available across a wide range of career fields – from marketing to insurance, legal to healthcare, education to research, and many others,” Sutton Fell said in a press release.

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Depending on the position, there are flexible options that include freelancing, full-time or part-time schedules, telecommuting, and temporary or seasonal jobs. In some cases, the need to fill certain positions dictates the variety of options available. Nurse practitioners can find listings for almost any of those options, while home health aides and surgeons are bound a bit more by the types of jobs available.

Whether you think it’s time for a new career path or you’re just looking for a new work atmosphere, take a look at what could be the blooming fields for flexible work. The full list of jobs with the most growth potential this year, according to FlexJobs, are found below. The site also provides links to job listings on their own site for those positions, which can be found in the FlexJobs report.

  1. Accountant
  2. Athletic trainer
  3. Auditor
  4. Computer and information systems manager
  5. Computer systems analyst
  6. Elementary school teacher
  7. Environmental engineer
  8. Financial manager
  9. Home health aide
  10. Lawyer
  11. Licensed practical nurse (LPN)
  12. Licensed vocational nurse (LVN)
  13. Market research analyst
  14. Medical assistant
  15. Nurse practitioner
  16. Office manager
  17. Operations manager
  18. Physical therapist
  19. Registered nurse
  20. Software application developer
  21. Software systems developer
  22. Surgeon
  23. Survey researcher
  24. Web designer
  25. Wholesale sales representative

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