Wealth Comparison: President Donald Trump vs. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Before he was elected president of the United States, Donald Trump’s net worth already exceeded billions. He’s still not as rich as Jeff Bezos, though, who became the richest man in the world in 2017.

How does Trump’s wealth compare to the Amazon CEO? Let’s look closer at their business investments, properties, collections of private jets, and more.

How they first got rich

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994. | David McNew/Getty Images

These days, you can go to one of many internet sites and buy any book you want. That really wasn’t a thing until Jeff Bezos started Amazon.com in 1994. It’s since expanded far beyond its original intent as a virtual bookseller.

Born into an already wealthy family, Trump started out investing before diving into the New York City real estate market, where he still holds the majority of his wealth.

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Business investments

Donald Trump listens intently.

Donald Trump still owns the Trump Organization. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Amazon has acquired companies such as Whole Foods, Zappos, and Twitch, and invested in many more, including Twitter and LivingSocial. Personally, Bezos has invested millions in Airbnb, Uber, and Business Insider.

Though no longer directly involved, Trump still owns and profits from the Trump Organization and its many real estate, sales, and marketing investments.

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How much property do they own?

Mar-A-Lago resort Trump

The Mar-a-Lago is one of Trump’s many properties. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Bezos primarily lives in an apartment building in Manhattan, but he doesn’t always call NYC home.¬†Beverly Hills and Washington are home to more of his private, multi-million dollar properties.

The majority of Trump’s wealth likely comes from New York City real estate, of which he likely owns around $1.5 billion. He also owns real estate outside of New York City, in addition to golf courses and resorts around the country.

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How much is a billionaire’s mansion worth?

Trump Tower in NYC

Trump’s $64 million apartment in Trump Tower gives Versailles a run for its money. | bluebeat76/iStock/Getty Images

When he’s not in New York, Washington, or California, Bezos heads to Washington, D.C. He owns the most expensive house in his neighborhood: He bought it for $23 million.

Trump owns private estates in Palm Beach, Beverly Hills, and St. Martin, in addition to his $64 million penthouse at the top of Trump Tower.

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How much is each man actually worth?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Bezos is worth $130 billion. | David Ryder/Getty Images

As the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos finally surpassed Bill Gates with a total net worth of over $130 billion. He is the first centi-billionaire to appear on Forbes’s World Billionaires list.

Forbes estimates that Donald Trump is probably worth about $3.1 billion total, though it’s impossible to know for sure.

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Personal assets

airplane flies over a sea

A private jet is a must if you’re a billionaire. | Mike_Kiev/iStock/Getty Images

If you had over $100 billion, would you spend $65 million on a private jet? Jeff Bezos did. It’s a pretty cool-looking jet.

Donald Trump has Bezos beat, at least if you’re counting jets. In addition to his handful of private estates around the U.S., Donald Trump owns two private planes and three helicopters, worth about $30 million.

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Their businesses today

The Washington Post building looking up

Bezos has invested in businesses like The Washington Post. | Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

In addition to Amazon, Bezos also owns The Washington Post and Blue Origin, a sort-of-secret project involving space travel (Amazon Prime delivery IN SPACE?).

Trump’s brand businesses still contribute to a small portion of his wealth. The Trump Hotel Management and Licensing Business is worth $170 million, while his product licensing company is worth about $6 million.

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How do Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos spend their money?

US billionaire Donald Trump's yacht "Trump Princess

Trump bought this yacht in the 1980s. | Jacques Soffer/AFP/Getty Images

What does a billionaire do when they aren’t doing business? Jeff Bezos has invested in a few big businesses, but also hopes to start donating more of his wealth to charity.

When Trump isn’t spending $66 million of his own money on presidential campaigns, he usually buys expensive suits, cars, and yachts.

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