Weekend Trends You’ll Want to Know

Happy Mother’s Day! Here are a few hot topics which are trending as we prepare for another week of work:

  • The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking into last week’s market flash-crash. The CME Group (CME) says they did not find a glitch at their exchange, but the NYSE (NYX) and Nasdaq (NDAQ) are pointing fingers at Chicago.
  • Looks like the Germans don’t want to pay for Greece’s spending fest. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party was defeated in a regional election. This is only the beginning of the backlash in Euro countries which will clean up the sovereign debt mess.
  • BP’s plan to contain the oil spill failed. Now that ice crystals developed, the Transocean (RIG) Deep Water Rig will continue to spill, baby, spill.
  • Iron Man 2 topped the box office as the Marvel (MVL) comic adventure raked in $133.6 million for Disney (DIS) on opening weekend in the US and Canada.
  • Tiger Woods dropped out of The Players Championship, citing a neck injury.
  • 88.5-year-old Star Betty White delivered a classic performance on SNL last night: