What Does an Adoption Cost?

This morning the press is screaming with Sandra Bullock’s new adopted child Louis Bardo Bullock. What does an adoption cost these days?

Bullock’s son is a 3½-month-old born in New Orleans. Domestic adoptions such as this typically cost the following:

Income                                                   Placement Fee

Less than $45,000                                     $9,000
$45,000 to $69,999                                  $13,000
$70,000 to $89,999.                                 $15,000
$90,000 to $119,999                                 $17,000
$120,000 to $150,000                              $19,000
Over $150,000                                            $21,000

In addition to the sliding-scale placement fee, prospective parents are required to take a home study course which costs $1450.

For those interested in international adoptions, you’ll need to do the $1450 home study course, pay an agency fee of $6600, pay administrative fees of $1250, pay a fee to the country from which the child is adopted, required travel expenses, and a $350 post-placement service report.

Now, if anyone asks you about adoption, you can enlighten them to the costs involved.