What Does Forbes Billionaire List Say About the Global Economy?

The global envy barometer just shot through the roof. Forbes is out with their annual “Richest Person in the World” list and there are a few interesting bullet points:

  • The number of billionaires has gone from 793 last year to 1,011 this year, almost to where it was [in] the record level of 2008.
  • The overall net worth of these billionaires is $3.6 trillion, up from $2.4 trillion just a year ago — a 50 percent increase.
  • The United States used to account for nearly half the names on the list, but now its share is just 40 percent — or 403 billionaires.

This last stat offers a glimpse of how fortunes are shifting from the US to new economic super powers such as China. In fact, number of China’s billionaires reached 234 — a number Forbes says exhibits the “remarkable changes taking place in the global economy.”

This Forbes video offers additional insights into how different countries are creating extreme wealth:

Here is the list of the top 24 richest beings on planet Earth:

(Source: Forbes)