Where’s the Steve Jobs Illuminati Foundation?

This is a post by Bob English from the Economic Policy Journal.

After reading two EPJ posts by Michael Labeit and Bob Wenzel, I had to ask the above question. Wenzel writes that according to the WSJ, the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice are about to harass Apple because of its dominant #2 spot in the smart phone industry. Heads up to the DOJ: Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has also captured the PC market with an 8% and “surging” share.

Labeit posts a Walter Block lecture from 2005 that concludes with Block speculating that Bill Gates will no longer face anti-trust harrassment since he became a serial (and prolific) philanthropist. A quick Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) search revealed that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is connected to the Council on Foreign Relations and Melinda Gates is herself a Bilderberger. Consultation with the authoritative Wikipedia entry for the antitrust suit led me to believe it’s largely done with, and I can’t remember the last time I read anything about it at ZDNet. Was Windows Vista (NYSE: MSFT) a conciliatory, strategic flop?

The more important question: is Steve Jobs safe or is he connected enough to put the dogs back in the kennel? Does he have his own charity that gets him in the club? A search for “Steve Jobs Foundation” led me to a January 25, 2008 report by one “Comrade Che” that:

Apple billionaire Steve Jobs announced a new direction Friday as he pledged hundreds of dollars in grants to develop design awareness among itinerant farmers in poor countries.

Hundreds? Upon reflection, it may have been satire. However, a rapid-fire succession of Google searches (see how easy it is to be a citizen journalist) revealed that Jobs was not a Bildeberger, nor a CFR member, nor an Illuminati, nor a shape changing lizzard. The number one authority on what organizations Steve Jobs belongs to (by virtue of being the number one Google result for “Steve Jobs Organization”) is Steven Berglas. And though he didn’t touch on the subject of Jobs’ affiliations (when will Congress finally will pass a law to compel better search results?), I did learn this from the article written back in October, 1999:

Think about this: Jobs initiated a rapprochement with Bill Gates. Bill Gates! Just how much of a good thing can Jobs tolerate?

To his credit, Steve Jobs, the enfant terrible widely reputed to be one of the most aggressive egotists in Silicon Valley, has an unrivaled track record when it comes to pulling development teams through start-up hell. Using monomaniacal zeal and charisma, he’s a natural Pied Piper in an industry littered with good ideas that have been killed by bad managers. InAccidental Empires, an exposé of Silicon Valley’s movers and shakers,Robert X. Cringely commented on Jobs’s first stint as Apple’s CEO: “Like the Bhagwan driving around Rancho Rajneesh each day in another Rolls-Royce, Jobs kept his troops fascinated and productive. The joke going around said that Jobs had a ‘reality distortion field’ surrounding him. He’d say something and the kids in the Macintosh division would find themselves replying, ‘Drink poison Kool-Aid? Yeah, that makes sense.’ “

So Jobs was dissing Gates eleven years ago, but now Gates is all connected and giving his stuff away. On top of it, Jobs creates his own reality and has zeal. Zeal! Then, I remember hearing a few weeks ago that Apple has now overtaken Microsoft in market capitalization. So maybe those High Frequency Trading NYSE (NYSE: NYX) collocated trade bots are running on iPads, helping to explain the 2 million in unit sales the first month. But really–just who does Steve Jobs think he is? I’m afraid he’s playing with fire and Apple’s gonna get burned.

Jobs: if you’re reading this, you need to stop concentrating on satsifying consumer demands with sleak, stylish electronics, and instead focus on how you’re going to give all your money away to inefficient and corrupt NGO’s that will recycle your money into the hands of the global banking elite.

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