Which Market is This?

We talked about this mystery market in our 2010 Market Outlook as well as our recent first issue of our Macro Premium service.  While not a sexy market, we feel this area is destined to be an outperformer in 2010 and for the entire decade.  The reasons are many, but we won’t mention them here.

Below is a chart of a specific ETF that allows you to play this market and get some leverage from it. (No, it is not a leveraged ETF). To be fair to our paying subscribers we can’t tell you what it is. We can asses the technical situation though.

The market has moved from a bearish to bullish trend as the moving averages are now support. The market made a textbook bullish double bottom and after pulling back has risen to a new recovery high. In the short-term our target is $9.00-$9.50.  Also note that since the start of the year, volume and accumulation have expanded, which shows increasing interest in this market.

To learn which market this is, you can click here to get a free copy of our new Macro Premium.