Stephen Hawking and Other Wildly Successful People Who Also Have a Disability

Barbara Corcoran

Billionaire Barbara Corcoran has a disability. | Shark Tank via Facebook

We often wonder what it takes to be rich and famous. We dream about being the CEO of a company or founder of a large corporation. Well, to succeed in that world, you have to be special, be inspired, and do it in a way no one has done it before.

Today, nearly 1 in 5 people has some sort of disability. So it makes sense that even some of the most famous stars and successful people have “made it” with a disability in tow. Sometimes a disability is viewed as a hindrance in life, and other times, it’s a blessing in disguise. All it takes is a little adaptation to get moving. For instance, have you ever wondered where Dan Aykroyd’s idea for Ghostbusters came from?

These 15 successful people took disabilities and used them to their advantage. Here’s how they did it. No. 5 built a $5 billion real estate empire.

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