Will DirecTV Offer NFL Sunday Refunds to Avoid a Tackle?


DirecTV (NASDAQ:DTV) had some angry football fans on its hands earlier this month when consumers went to access the provider’s NFL Sunday Ticket online service but were met with an error message that said: “DirecTV.com will be back shortly. We’re making improvements to maximize your online experience.”

Disgruntled customers took to the Internet, blasting DirecTV for its server’s inability to handle the traffic, but the company was only able to apologize and encourage users to take advantage of their mobile app versions of the package.

The site outage irked users during the NFL’s opening week of games, and complaints are gaining traction on social media this week because the live streaming failed again on Sunday, when fans went to access their pricey online service. That marks two straight Sundays DirecTV has failed to deliver on its NFL Sunday Ticket promises, and soon, the provider might need to start considering some refunds.

The problem with DirecTV’s site outage is that the service provider has heavily promoted its NFL Sunday Ticket Max service, which, according to Yahoo News, gives users games online as well as via traditional satellite TV broadcasts for a $75 price tag. That puts the Max package cost at $299.95, while the non-online service costs only $224.95. Thus, consumers paying the higher price expect the premium benefits, and rightfully so.

Now, TVPredictions.com is raising the question of whether DirecTV will start considering refunds in order to appease angry customers. In the age of social media, bad reviews can be devastating to a company’s service.

The season’s third weekend will likely mean major things for DirecTV, because if the company faces another online glitch, it may have no choice but to offer at least partial refunds.

However, if all goes according to plan, the provider might successfully be able to push past mishaps under the rug and make them only a distant memory. What is clear, however, is that DirecTV needs to better prepare for major traffic on its site this weekend and not underestimate its number of diehard football fans and what they will do if they’re angry.

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