Will Dunkin’s New Monster Sandwich Win the Breakfast War?

Healthy choice advocates and watchdog corporations like Corporate Accountability International might currently be targeting McDonald’s Corp (NYSE:MCD) and other fast food chains for their calorie-laden menu items; however, come June 7, Dunkin Donuts, a unit of Dunkin’ Brands Group (NASDAQ:DNKN) might be their newest victim.

For many, June 7′s designation as National Donut Day will not serve as the only excuse to visit the popular doughnut chain. The company also promises to add a new big ticket idea to its national menu that day: the doughnut bacon breakfast sandwich.

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The sandwich, a union of fried eggs and bacon between a split glazed donut, clocks in at 360 calories — a far cry from McDonald’s recently introduced egg-white sandwich that boasts a 250-calorie meal. Amid a time when the fast food giant is consistently under attack for its calorie-rich menu items, Dunkin Donuts might finally be able to deflect some of the blame from McDonald’s.

Today’s marketers contend that people in their 20s and 30s are looking for fresh and wholesome food; however, Dunkin is confident it can change their minds. The company tested its new indulgent concoction in certain stores in eastern Massachusetts, and effectively created a buzz. The Donut King may have decided to take a page from Taco Bell’s book after the chain took a risk and introduced one of its most calorie-laden menu items, Doritos Locos Tacos, and effectively created the company’s most successful item ever.

Despite Taco Bell’s success with its newest fatty creation, lower-calorie options may still be a key indicator of growth for restaurant chains, evidenced by a report by the Hudson Institute earlier this year.

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And Dunkin isn’t only focusing on augmenting its menu with indulgent items. It recently introduced the turkey sausage sandwich, marketed for people trying to eat better. Interestingly, the healthy sandwich comes in at 390 calories, a conspicuously higher total than the doughnut sandwich’s.

Nonetheless, the company is looking to offer its customers as much variety as possible, promised especially by the vice president of product innovation at Dunkin’ Donuts, who said that customers can order their sandwich on any type of doughnut they want.

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