Will Earnings Hold These 3 Stocks Back?

The Dow (NYSE:DIA) was as flat as a pancake on Monday, gaining a measly .01%.  Although the Dow (NYSE:DIA) was flat, these companies are seeing more action due to earnings.

You should keep an eye on these 3 earnings this week:

1) Alcoa Inc. (NYSE:AA): The aluminum company is the first Dow (NYSE:DIA) member to report earnings this week.  For the first quarter, the company earned $308 million (27 cents per share), which is a huge improvement from last year’s net loss of $201 million (20 cents per share).  Sales jumped from $4.89 billion last year, to nearly $6 billion this year.  Although aluminum prices rose an average of 15% in the first quarter, profits were offset by a weaker dollar and higher costs.  Shares are down more than 3% in late trading. Check out more detailed coverage of Alcoa’s Earnings.

2) Shaw Group Inc. (NYSE:SHAW): The company engages in engineering, construction, consulting, manufacturing, and management services for clients in power, process, environmental, and emergency response markets.  Before the opening bell, the company reported Q2 earnings.  EPS of 40 cents missed analysts estimates by 8 cents.  Revenue of $1.43 billion for Q2 represented a decline of 12% when compared to last year in the same period.  Shares closed 1.35% lower on the earnings release.  Competitors KBR Inc. (NYSE:KBR) and URS Corp (NYSE:URS) also closed lower.

3) JP Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM): With a market cap of $183 billion, the company is one of the oldest and biggest banks on Wall Street.  Last month, JPM was one of the first banks to announce a Fed approved dividend, along with competitors Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) and Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC).  Investors should pay attention to the company’s earnings release this Wednesday.  Analysts are expecting net earnings of about $1.16 per share.

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