Will Earnings Prove Positive for These 3 Stocks?

Monday was earnings day for these 3 companies. Will earnings prove positive for these stocks despite horrible Case-Shiller housing numbers and receding Consumer Confidence?

1) Philips-Van Heusen (NYSE:PVH): Shares are up nearly 2% after the company released fourth quarter earnings after the bell.  The company beat estimates by 11 cents with EPS of 93 cents.  Revenue for the Q4 was $1.4 billion, an increase from last year’s $614.6 million in the same period.  The company markets and designs clothing products such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Donald Trump.

2) Cal-Maine Foods (NASDAQ:CALM): The company produces, cleans, packages, and sells fresh shell eggs across the US.  The company also engages in cage free and organic eggs, which sell at a higher price.  Monday, the company released fiscal third quarter earnings.  Although net income slipped 3% on higher feed costs, the company beat estimates on increased organic egg sales. CALM earned $33.6 million ($1.40 per share), compared to estimates of $1.22 per share. Shares closed up 7.73%.

3) Progress Software (NASDAQ:PRGS): Shares are down 1.54% as the company reports fiscal Q1 results.  The company earned $20.5 million (29 cents per share), compared to a $1 million (2 cents per share) loss in last year’s quarter.  Looking forward, the company expects to earn 41-43 cents per share next quarter.  Analysts were expecting earnings of 44 cents per share.  PRGS is involved in developing, marketing, and distributing application infrastructure software for businesses.

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