Will Ford’s Biggest Investors Gas Up Shares in the $10s Following This Upgrade?

For the year-to-date, Ford Motor Co.’s (NYSE:F) shares are down 2.04 percent. On May 23, Moody’s Investors Service increased the company’s debt ratings to investment-grade after a seven-year hiatus. With the upgrade, Ford’s U.S. assets, including its factories, the blue oval and the trademarks for its F-150 pickup and Mustang sports car, have been returned to the company after they ceased being used to secure its debt back in 2006 with a $23.5 billion loan.

Investing Insights: Is Ford Coming Home?

With the company’s return to investment-grade ratings, will its largest shareholders increase their holdings? Upon hearing the news, Ford’s Executive Chairman Bill Ford said that it had been “enormously emotional for me personally and for my family” to give up the rights to the oval. He added in a conference call with reporters, “This is one of the best days that I can remember.”

671 institutional firms indicated owning shares of Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F) in Q1 2012. These firms reported owning a total of 1.059 billion shares on 03/31/2012 . The shares closed at $12.43 on 03/31/2012.

Here are the ten largest positions in Ford Motor Co. at the end of March 31st, 2012.

State Street Corp held 140,471,948 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $1,753,089,847.

Blackrock Institutional Trust Company N.A. held 94,052,714 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $1,173,777,828.

Loomis Sayles & Co LP held 55,524,203 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $818,455,000.

Pioneer Investment Management Inc held 42,724,000 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $67,718,000.

Oppenheimer Funds Inc held 41,396,731 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $516,631,184.

Bank of New York Mellon Corp held 39,402,572 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $491,744,081.

Blackrock Fund Advisors held 27,910,128 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $348,318,385.

Blackrock Group Ltd held 27,334,731 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $341,137,430.

Bank of America Corp /de/ held 24,884,073 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $310,553,220.

Morgan Stanley held 17,543,135 shares on 03/31/2012 worth $218,938,317.

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