Will Pepsi’s News Aggregator Be More Popular Than Media Sites?

Beverage maker PepsiCo Inc (NYSE:PEP) is launching a global rebranding campaign — “Live for Now” — that will closely bond the brand with pop culture and entertainment.

Conceived after a consumer research drive lasting nine months, the campaign partners Pepsi with entertainers or artists from across genres and could extend from sports to music. Pop star Nicki Minaj features in the opening spot.

“When we look at what Pepsi really stands for, we’ve been an entertainment platform for as far back as anyone can remember,” said Simon Lowden, chief marketing officer of PepsiCo Americas Beverages. “But there have been times in the last decade where we haven’t been in the right place in entertainment around the world, haven’t been at the forefront.”

The campaign extends to social media and a so-called #NOW board, featured on the Pepsi website, which functions as a hot and current “social media cheat sheet” — a news aggregator of the current trending pop culture stories.

If you are wondering why anyone would access a beverage brand site for the latest pop news, PepsiCo Global Head of Digital Shiv Singh has an interesting take:

“In the last few years we’ve seen people in general care less about the source of an experience or who’s creating the content, and more about the experience itself. People care less whether it’s a TV network that’s creating a really funny piece of video or whether a brand is.”