Here’s a List Revealing the Worker-Friendly Labor Laws Trump Just Killed Off

Donald Trump

He hasn’t been the working class champion he claimed to be. | Win McNamee/Getty Images

Despite the rhetoric, President Donald Trump has been no friend to the working class. Not only is he and his family sucking up taxpayer money in a number of alarming (and likely illegal) ways, but he’s managed to go out of his way to dismantle his predecessor’s legacy at every opportunity. That includes big changes to how we conduct foreign policy, for example. Trump has also made some big decisions regarding our trade and economic policies. And it extends into labor laws and regulations.

As a businessman, of course, Trump has an almost fundamental ideological opposition to most regulation. But when it comes to labor laws — especially those meant to protect workers from harm — doing away with some regulations can have sizeable effects for those punching the clock.

The Trump administration and labor laws

Though the Trump administration has had little success creating and passing new legislation, it has been busy gutting current laws. As of early September, more than 860 rules and regulations — many of them having to do with worker protections — have been weakened or killed off completely, according to The Seattle Times. While that’s good news for business owners and employers as it becomes cheaper and easier to make money, it’s hurting workers.

It might lead to workplaces being less safe, for example. Or, in other cases, it could make it harder for middle-class workers to save for retirement. There are a lot of changes that have been put in place, and the vast majority of them (as they relate to labor specifically) should have the average American concerned.

Here is a sampling of the laws Trump has killed or altered so far.

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