Working Holiday: Tips For Finding a Seasonal Side-Job


From Bad Santa

The holidays are a time we spend with family, celebrate our beliefs, appreciate the things we have, and of course, spend a ton of money on material items. From Cyber Monday to Black Friday to regular old holiday deals, holiday shopping is kind of like a sport — competitive, fun, thrilling, and even dangerous.

How much do you intend on spending this holiday season? A National Retail Federation survey predicts that this year, consumers are going to spend around $805 on Christmas, Kwanzaa and/or Hanukkah, which is a 5% increase from last year.

With all of the shopping galore, retailers are going to prepare by readying their defenses and hiring 800,000 people for temporary job positions. Now, if you need some extra cash, you can work for a retailer during this holiday season. But if retail work isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other seasonal work opportunities out there, like working for tax firms or customer service positions.

FlexJobs, a job search database that focuses on flexible job opportunities like work-from-home positions, part-time work, and freelance positions, recently issued a press release that included tips on getting hired for a seasonal position. The database found that to get hired, it’s prudent to:

Think outside the box. Seasonal jobs include holiday jobs, but there’s also ski and tax season coming up. Think about local holiday events in your area that might be hiring, and other seasonal activities that happen in the winter months.

Remember online businesses. Explore opportunities for virtual customer assistance and other remote jobs.

Showcase three critical skills for seasonal work: fast learner, positive attitude, hard worker.

Treat the job with respect. This is especially true if you’re hoping to extend your employment with the company, but also because any job is a networking opportunity.

FlexJobs has posted a few specific job opportunities on its website for seasonal job seekers. Check out some of the holiday jobs that are hiring right now.

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