World Economic Forum: Here are 3 Major Concerns for the Future

There are 3 things keeping the World Economic Forum up at nights, and those are debts, wealth disparities, and the degrading environment. While those three items certainly don’t exhaust the list of major concerns for the globe, they are the highest ranked concerns facing the world in the eyes of the WEF constituency.

Political and industry leaders from around the world gathered in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss the shape of world today and look at the future. After so many worrying events in the past years — superstorm Sandy, the U.S. fiscal cliff, euro-zone instability — the WEF is more pessimistic about the next decade than it was last year.

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As an economy-based group, it’s natural to expect a large part of the WEF’s concerns to be centered on the economy. Its main concerns were the wealth gap, which has been growing wider and wider in the U.S. lately, and growing debt due to unsustainable government finances, as Greece well knows. Poor and unsustainable government finances have in recent years forced drastic cuts and painful austerity measures in many countries around the world, particularly those in Europe, though even the U.S. has been facing debt troubles and the need for spending cuts.

The WEF was not only concerned for the economic climate. As the risk rankings showed, environmental risks are one of the WEF’s chief concerns. A failure to combat the rising risks of environment-related problems could leave future generations in a heap of trouble, hindering future prosperity. A large group of business executives, like those in the WEF, concerning themselves over the environment and greenhouse gas emissions could signal a new trend in environmental awareness by the business world.

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