World’s Worst Stock Picker? Here’s Carl Icahn’s 7 Worst Investments

Let’s face it: Carl Icahn is really Carl “I Can’t”. The guy has the anti-Midas touch: stocks he touches turns to shit.

Before we dig into how horrible Carl Icahn has been as a stock picker — check the Icahn Enterprises LP (NYSE:IEP) chart to the left — we admit the man was a great corporate raider. But before you come running to Carl’s defense, just think of how absurd Michael Jordan acolytes sounded when they tried to throw positive spin on the basketball legend’s abysmal baseball career.

Now to the good stuff. Here’s why Carl Icahn’s “activism” is really double-speak for “value destroyer.” Despite best efforts by Carl’s Madison Avenue PR firms, here are the raw facts concerning Icahn’s horrendous stock picks and why he is really closing his fund:

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