Warning Signs of Divorce: 15 of the Worst Jobs for a Marriage

“As long as we both shall live” and other lovey-dovey phrases of the like sound promising at the time. And you probably really meant what you said as you stood in front of a captive audience affirming your vows to each other. But months later as excitement wanes, you both go back to work and into your normal routines. Suddenly, marriage bliss becomes marriage distress. What happened?

The stress and hours brought on by your careers all contribute to something far removed from the picture-perfect life you both envisioned during the honeymoon stage, which could ultimately lead to divorce. According to a new study from career site Zippia, some jobs are harder on a marriage than others. Zippia looked at the divorce rates for a range of professions and found the worst jobs for marriage.

Is your job leading you down a path of destruction? With such high divorce rates, you could be heading for a marriage disaster if you work in one of these 15 professions — especially for one industry in particular, whose job titles nab three of the top 10 spots on this list.

15. Probation officers and correctional treatment

scene with correctional officer in "Orange is the New Black"

Some professions are harder on a marriage than others. | Netflix

Heavy workloads and extensive paperwork will undoubtedly cause strain in a marriage. With such high stress, these professionals see higher than average divorce rates than other workers. With a divorce rate by age 30 that hovers at about 15%, according to Zippia, it’s understandable why probation and correctional officers are some of the worst jobs for marriage.

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14. Administrative services managers

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Divorce is quite common for administrators. | iStock.com/RealDealPhoto

Administrative services managers are often a jack-of-all-trades in their work environments. And everyone — from your C-suite boss to the people you manage — needs something from you. So after delegating departmental duties, keeping accurate records, and overseeing general maintenance tasks, coming home ready to chat attentively with your spouse could require energy you no longer possess. Zippia ranks administrative professionals as a career highly susceptible to divorce. Success in this profession requires significant working relationships and in-depth knowledge of other employees’ schedules, so it’s not hard to imagine a bit of jealousy for such attention at home.

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13. Carpenters

Carpenter selecting wood in a hardware store

Carpentry is one of the worst jobs for marriage. | iStock.com/UberImages

Carpenters and other physically demanding jobs need much more support from a marriage. A successful union requires a nurturing of both house and home — something most carpenters wish to ignore after an exhausting day doing the same for other people’s homes. Eventually, that long, incomplete honey-do list will spark a few arguments and burden a marriage. Unfortunately, carpenters also have a high rate of suicide.

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12. Medical assistants

medical professional

Medical professionals can bring the hardships of their jobs home with them. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Think humans don’t bring their work home with them? Think again. Health care professionals bear some of the toughest work environments with high stress, increased responsibility, and an amplified risk of depression. A bad day in the hospital halls doesn’t compare to the mild inconveniences you probably face in your corporate office. Therefore, it’s no surprise that working as a medical assistant can greatly undermine marital satisfaction, as these professionals have the 12th highest divorce rate for those under age 30, according to Zippia.

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11. Diagnostic related technologists and technicians

medical technician

More health care professionals are divorced by 30 than other occupations. | Jean-Sebastien Evrard/AFP/Getty Images

Like medical assistants, these health care professionals have one of the worst jobs for marriage. Their work days are long, and their job duties are weighted with the pressure of other people’s lives in their hands. Encouraging comfort and support falls to the spouse in this instance, which could be a lot to ask if the marriage is already on rocky ground.

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10. Engineering technicians

Technician engineer checking wires

Engineers aren’t known for having stable marriages. | iStock.com

Being an engineering technician is one of the worst jobs for marriage. The detailed knowledge required of this profession is bound to control your thoughts and take up valuable time your partner wishes you’d spend with them. So coming home not fully present after a long day of work is sure to put a strain on your marriage and make sticking to those promising vows you made years ago a lot tougher.

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9. Library assistants

library sign

Your librarian is at a higher risk of divorce. | iStock.com

As you think back to your school librarian as a child, most probably have fond memories of the person who taught you how to navigate the internet properly. You’d never guess those quiet and kind people are at a higher risk of marriage failure than others simply because of their chosen profession. But they are. Library assistants are more prone to divorce, per the Zippia study. To make matters worse, library assistants earn only a $28,440 median annual salary as of 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which could put strain on a marriage.

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8. Animal caretakers

Happy vet with dog and cat, focus intentionally left on smile of veterinary.

Caring for animals all day can actually affect your marriage negatively. | iStock.com/humonia

Who wouldn’t want to play with puppies and other cuddly creatures all day? If you’d like to keep your marriage intact, you might want to listen up. Studies confirmed veterinary professionals experienced a higher susceptibility to mental illness, work-related stressors, and higher rates of suicide. The same goes for animal caretakers.

Secondary traumatization, otherwise known as compassion fatigue, is the emotional stress brought on by caring for traumatized animals or people, and it’s common in this profession. Think of it as PTSD for the common worker. Put all these emotional pitfalls together, and you have compelling evidence as to why these types of workers have a larger potential for divorce.

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7. Military, non-rank specific

military member

Military member | Patrik Stollarz/AFP/Getty Images

It’s no shock marriages are tested in the military profession. Deployments, frequent relocations to various military bases, and difficulty adjusting to civilian life at home will put unnecessary strain on even the strongest bonds. Although the military actually encourages marriage with housing allowances and other key benefits, those enlisted in the armed forces have about a 15% chance of divorcing by 30, according to Zippia.

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6. Food preparation and service workers

Calling the waitress

Dealing with the public is rough. | iStock.com/lucato

The horror stories are real. But nothing compares to the experiences food and service workers have when dealing with the public — bad tips and all. It’s likely the long hours associated with this profession have something to do with its high divorce rate, as their wonky schedules are hardly ever comparable to a standard 9 to 5.

Also, workers in this field often aren’t required to have advanced degrees. And research shows lower-income and less-educated workers see a higher rate of divorce than those with college degrees. For this reason, service workers are rated as the sixth worst job for marriage.

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5. Chemical technicians


Chemical engineers see a higher divorce rate than other occupations. | iStock.com/Antoine2K

Similar to their industry partner, the engineering technician, chemical technicians also experience a higher rate of divorce relative to other occupations. But unfortunately, the attention to detail and dependability required of these techs don’t always transfer over into their personal relationships. And for those attempting to maintain a relationship with these workers? It can be an uphill battle.

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4. Military enlisted tactical operations and air weapons

military truck

The military can be hard on a marriage. | Micah Wright/The Cheat Sheet

Zippia notes military divorce rates for enlisted women are double the rate of enlisted men when compared to civilians. Job-specific duties that center on tactical operations and air weapons see a bigger strain on marriage than other non-rank personnel.

A Princeton study also notes though military personnel are more likely to be married, veterans also have a higher divorce rate than civilians. Those who choose to make the military their career are more comfortable with the lifestyle, which usually leads to increased marital support from spouses who can handle the difficult times better. Other members with shorter commitments have a tougher time coping with hardships, which ultimately leads to frequent divorce and other marital troubles.

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3. Automotive service technicians and mechanics


Long hours and heavy workloads equal a higher chance for divorce. | iStock.com/Minerva Studio

Mechanics and service technicians often work six days a week and 12 hours a day. What kind of business allows these professionals work over 70 hours a week without ever becoming millionaires? Most would probably say the risk is not worth the reward. Combine that overwhelming schedule with the weighted responsibility of a heavy workload, and it’s easy to fathom why their divorce rate hovers around 17%.

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2. Logisticians

Abstract blur warehouse or storehouse background.

Supply chain professionals could endure additional marriage stress. | iStock.com/Wutlufaipy

Almost every company in every industry has a need for supply chain professionals. While pay for this steady profession is something to consider — usually around $74,170 annually — logisticians are also at risk for higher stress levels and workloads than most. Keeping your “‘till death do us part” vow might be tougher than you think here. This profession is ranked as the second worst job for marriage due to an elevated potential for divorce.

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1. First-line enlisted military supervisors


Military jobs take three of the top 10 worst jobs for marriage. | iStock.com

The people who supervise all operations have a great deal of responsibility on their shoulders. They’re also employed in the No. 1 worst job for marriage, as these workers experience a divorce rate of about 30%, according to Zippia data. In addition, military supervisors endure long deployments. Research has shown the longer a deployment spans overseas each month, the higher the divorce rate creeps.

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