4 Worst Jobs for Type B Personalities

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If you consider yourself a type B personality, then there’s a good chance that you are relaxed, fairly noncompetitive, and an accommodating person. On the other hand, if you are competitive and a perfectionist, you are probably a type A, and you should avoid the four worst jobs for type A personalities. There are positive and negatives aspects of either personality type (and those in between), but there are certainly some jobs that are ideal for type B personalities, and others that are usually a poor fit.

While having a positive, relaxed, and easygoing personality can be a great way to make friends, and can help you work with other people successfully on a team, you may not enjoy cutthroat jobs, or jobs which require you to focus too much on quantity over quality. Here are four that you should try to avoid if you fall into the type B category.

1. Sales jobs

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It can be difficult for type B personalities to succeed in sales positions because these jobs can require workers to be persistent. Working based on commission can be hard for someone who isn’t naturally pushy, and because type B workers have an easygoing personality, it may be hard for them to flourish in a position that requires certain quotas to be met. If you truly like sales, consider a job in marketing, where you will be focusing more on the brand than meeting quotas. You will use some of the same skills, but you won’t be judged so much on how much you sell over the phone or in a store.

2. Competitive jobs

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If you are truly a type B personality, then a job that requires you to step over other people, or regularly compete in order to advance, may not be the best job for you. This type of job could kill your spirit, and you may fail even if you try to succeed, because it is difficult to succeed in a competitive job if you just don’t have that type of attitude.

Lawyers generally have to be competitive. At least, trial lawyers do because their job is to win. This job may not be the best fit for someone who isn’t really in a hurry, or who simply doesn’t feel the necessity of winning. It also might be difficult for you to start your own business because you will need to compete to succeed. However, if you are able to come up with a good idea, and partner with someone who falls more into the type A personality category, then you might have a great recipe for success.

3. Remote positions

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Some people enjoy working from home, or working in a small or particularly quiet office. However, if you are a type B personality, your ability to get along with others might be one of your best personality traits. You are probably a team player, and you may thrive when you interact with others. Working remotely certainly has a lot of benefits, but unless you can regularly go into an office for meetings, or you have a lot of hobbies outside of work, then you may become lonely if you work in an isolated location. Working at a startup company also might not be the best fit if there are only a few people in the office.

4. Jobs that stress quantity over quality


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In addition to sales jobs, there are many other jobs that have specific quotas or require workers to produce a lot (sometimes at the expense of the quality). Depending on the individual company, this can include many different types of jobs. Some factory jobs require a lot of work to be done, as do certain retail jobs, and telephone jobs.

Although teaching jobs can be a great fit for a type B personality, you will still need to meet state standards and you will be held responsible for students who are not learning enough regardless of whether or not it’s really your fault. Unless you can handle specific regular requirements, these jobs might not be the best fit for you. There are plenty of reasons to be glad you are a type B personality. According to the Huffington Post, type B personalities may be healthier, other people want to work with them, they are good friends, and they are creative, among several positive character traits.

If you planned to go after one of the job fields listed in this article, don’t worry. Some type B personalities can certainly succeed in these jobs, particularly if you have specific skills that are necessary. Also, while type A personalities are considered by some to be the best workers because they are competitive and hardworking, some employers would rather have an easygoing worker who doesn’t get stressed out easily and gets along with his co-workers.

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