15 Worst Product Failures and Flops From the Past 5 Years

Sometimes, a new product changes things forever. Companies like Apple, Google, and Uber have all done this. Other times, a concept performs so badly people remember it for years. These are the worst product failures in recent history. One McDonald’s menu item is the biggest flop of all (page 10).

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 is water resistant

Galaxy Note 7 | Samsung.com

The problem: product defect

In late 2017, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 had one of the most dangerous debuts ever. After its release, consumers reported that the smartphone’s batteries were spontaneously catching fire. This led to massive recalls, and millions, if not billions, in lost revenue. Fortunately, Samsung redeemed itself with future models. Fin24 Tech reported, “It is safe to assume the Note 7 won’t affect sales of the S8 – a truly well-crafted device.”

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