The Absolute Worst Things You Could Ever Say to a Millennial in This Economy

2. Stop messing around and buy a house, already

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Millennials have a good reason for not buying homes. | mutablejoe via Twitter

If there’s one thing being drilled into a millennial’s head, it’s that they must keep up with the Joneses. Nearly every Instagram post and blogger touts the need for a house and a job — pronto. The boomers love to reference that millennials are more focused on brunch dates and avocado toast than planting roots, but is foregoing homeownership really so irresponsible?

Sure, more millennials are living at home, but most aren’t doing this because they are snowflake burnouts with a work allergy. A recent Census Bureau report found 74% of young people living in their parents’ homes are either working or in school while they save for a down payment. Other millennials proudly uphold their reputation for renting while they job hop their way into more fulfilling and successful careers. Even author and entrepreneur Tony Robbins urges millennials not to buy homes. Buying property with income potential is more valuable to a young person looking to set themselves up for the future if they’re in a position to do so.

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