WSJ: Wall St. Cheat Sheet is 11th Best Finance Blog

First, we’re humbled that David Weidner and staff at the WSJ have included us in their list of noteworthy finance blogs. We are a little under 9 months old, so we take this as a huge compliment.

On the other hand, we are extremely serious about feedback and improvement. There are a ton of great websites — and more join the web every second.

I am a critical consumer of information because there are only so many hours in the day. So, I quickly add or remove sources from my list. As you may have guessed, the reason we’re working 14+ hours a day is to make YOUR list of websites to visit on a regular basis. We know that will happen only if we give you what you want.

WSJ said, we “could have easily made the list [of Top 10 sites].” They said our site looks great and our analysis is thoughtful. However, criticisms included “You can find much of the news content elsewhere,” and “a poor man’s newswire” which “charges for the ‘premium’ stuff.”

We know you can find GDP and housing data at Yahoo Finance, WSJ, and MarketWatch. But we also can’t honestly be a “Cheat Sheet” for finance news if we don’t include these items at our site.

We know you love our interviews, and we are working hard to enhance that offering with video, podcasts, and a book.

Enough of our thoughts. What are yours? We are serious about making the Top 10 next year. So, if you submit an idea we use to improve our site, you will win a FREE one-year subscription to ALL our Premium products. We are launching 4-5 more in the next 10 weeks (and 4 more in the pipeline for later this year), so that means you’ll have unlimited access to thousands of dollars of Premium products. Simply drop your thoughts into the form below: