You Won’t Believe How Much Snooki from ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Worth, and How She Made Her Money

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi became an overnight sensation on MTV’s hit show Jersey Shore. She and her fist-pumping costars all saw eye-to-eye on one daily mantra: “Gym, tan, laundry” (GTL for short). The petite Chilean-born star became known for her dance moves, drunken stumbles, and a run-in with police. The tight-knit bunch is back for the latest series Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Here we’ll show you how Snooki has gained her impressive net worth of $4 million to $5 million. The enterprising reality star has her hand in a surprising number of business ventures. Find out her salary per episode of Jersey Shore (page 2) and the whopping amount a prestigious university paid her to speak (page 8).

1. She starred in Snooki & JWoww

Snooki and J Wow

Their spinoff was a success. | MTV

  • Salary per episode: $175,000

Snooki and fellow Jersey Shore castmate JWoww starred in reality spinoff Snooki and JWoww, which lasted four seasons. The show featured a more grown-up version of Snooki as she prepared for the birth of her first child, Lorenzo. In Season 1, the two friends are living in a former firehouse in Jersey City, New Jersey.

The stars described the show as a modern-day Laverne & Shirley. Snooki reportedly earned $175,000 per episode.

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2. She starred in Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore

Their salaries skyrocketed through the years. | MTV

  • Salary per episode: $2,200 to $150,000

The biggest chunk of Snooki’s net worth comes from her Jersey Shore salary. Word was she went from earning $2,200 per episode in Season 1 to $150,000 by Season 6. That’s some serious cash, when you add it up. Not to mention, the self-proclaimed “Guidette” has also received a hefty signing bonus and an end-of-season bonus to the tune of $400,000 and $200,000, respectively.

Incidentally, just Snooki, DJ Pauly D, and Mike “The Situation” received the hefty per-episode paycheck, reports say. The other housemates apparently only pulled in $40,000 to $100,000 per episode.

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3. She wrote 5 books

Snooki a shore thing

Her first book did not do well. | Amazon

  • Price range: $9.24 to $15.99

Jersey Shore’s most famous party girl has released five books that impart advice and tell stories from her life experiences:

  1. A Shore Thing, published in 2011, described her search for love on the boardwalk. It only sold 9,000 copies in the first month, despite her appearances on The View and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote it. It generated 16 one-star reviews on Amazon.
  2. Confessions of a Guidette was also released in 2011. It was marketed as part-memoir, part-guide of how to “rock it Jersey-style.”
  3. Gorilla Beach, released in 2012, was a sequel to A Shore Thing.
  4. Baby Bumps: From Party Girl to Proud Mama, and all the Messy Milestones Along the Way was released in 2013 after Snooki gave birth to son Lorenzo.
  5. Strong Is the New Sexy, released in 2016, revealed how she lost weight and found her “formula for fierce.”

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4. She sells clothing online

Snooki bikini

The Snookini has become her signature style. | The Snooki Shop

  • Price range: $19.95 to $99.95

The reality star-turned business tycoon released a clothing line in 2014 featuring dresses, cardigans, rompers, and the Snookini — a bikini with high-waisted bottoms. The dozens of garments sold on The Snooki Shop website range in price from $19.95 to $99.95.

“I often get asked by my fans where they buy the slippers, sunglasses and other fashions I wear on the show,” she said. “I’m trying to take advantage of what’s going on in my career by offering fans some of the products that I love and use myself.”

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5. She runs an Etsy store

Team Meatball snooki shirt

Her most memorable moments are now on t-shirts. | Etsy

  • Price range: $9.99 to $48.99

Fan of Snooki’s clothing line can also browse Nicole’s Craft Room featuring her line of hats, bracelets, mugs, tote bags, and t-shirts. Many of the items contain quotes from the reality star and Jersey Shore references, such as “Team Meatball” and #Jerzday. Items range in price from $9.99 to $48.99.

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6. She was on Dancing with the Stars

At least she got a bonus for making it past episodes 3 and 4. | NBC

  • Reported sign-up salary for each cast member: $125,000

Snooki competed in hit ABC series Dancing with the Stars in 2013. The former party girl showed a strong work ethic and a sharp sense of humor as she developed her skills and performed several dances with partner Sasha Farber.

It’s been reported that cast members on the show earn a $125,000 sign-up bonus. Those who reach episodes 3 and 4 also earn an additional $10,000 on top of their signing bonus, Gawker reported. Snooki was eliminated in Week 7 of her season.

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7. She was a WWE wrestler

Snooki WWE

She won an award for her performance. | WWE Network via Youtube

  • Pay: Unknown

Snooki appeared in two episodes of WWE Monday Night Raw in 2011 in which a brawl between her and other wrestlers led to an eventual tag team match at WrestleMania XXVII. Snooki and her team went on to win that match. Later that year, WWE awarded her the 2011 A-Lister of the Year Slammy Award. She accepted via satellite.

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8. She spoke at Rutgers University

Snooki rutgers

She isn’t exactly a scholar. | Barstool Sports via Twitter

  • Pay: $32,000

Snooki earned a pretty penny for an on-campus appearance at Rutgers University in 2011. More than 1,000 people showed up for a Q&A in which she advised students, “Study hard, but party harder.”

She also explained some reality show protocol: “The only real way to get away from the camera is showering, so we take really long showers.” Her appearance was met with some backlash due to the hefty fee paid by the school and that there wasn’t any academic value to it.

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