You Won’t Believe the 1 Shocking Thing That Happened When This Woman Rented Out Her Home

As a landlord, you expect tenants to relax and enjoy themselves in your home. Perhaps guests will throw a small shindig or possibly break a few items, but you don’t anticipate some of the surprises these landlords found.

Whether you rent your home on Airbnb or own income properties, here are a few things that might make a broken lamp or small stain on the carpet look like mere child’s play. Page 6 takes home rentals to an entirely new level.

1. They didn’t love the colors

Half painted room

A tenant decided to change the home’s colors. | BorisRabtsevich/iStock/Getty Images

In this case, the indiscretion actually worked for the landlord. One landlord discovered his Airbnb guest didn’t love the wall colors so they took it upon themselves to repaint the interior of the home, according to Metro. Thankfully the landlord was pleased with the paint job and even gave the tenant a refund because the paint job was on the landlord’s “to do” list anyway.

Next: They picked a good one.

2. New wall sculptures

Man cleaning tile wall

It’s not exactly the kind of wall art most people want. | Di_photo/iStock/Getty Images

You expect tenants to let it all hang out but that shouldn’t mean literally. This landlord posted on AirHostsForum: “When you have to clean boogers off a wall after a guest picked their nose and flinged it on the wall and the booger has dried and you have use your fingernails to take it off.” Other home owners chimed in that they had a similar experience. Ew.

Next: Please take everything before you leave.

3. DNA left behind

A view of condoms

Some guests left evidence of their activities behind. | Chris Jackson / Pool/Getty Images

Landlords also anticipate that people might get “busy” in their homes but no one wants to be reminded with the evidence. Proof of a wild night of sex includes “DNA” on blankets or sheets to condom wrappers or undies strewn around the house. Some guests even leave their sex toys behind.

Next: This could easily happen.

4. You should know when enough is enough

White toilet bowl

Plumbing problems aren’t uncommon. | ThanaphatSomwangsakul/iStock/Getty Images

Even the most robust plumbing is no match for endless amounts of toilet paper. One homeowner told Thrillist one couple completely clogged her pipes after using six rolls of toilet paper in only two days. Another said the used toilet paper wasn’t found in the toilet, but instead heaped (and sitting for some time) in the trash can.

Next: If this happens, please (for the love of God) clean up after yourself.

5. No words for this one

Stained mattress

The mattress was completely unusable. | Adam Berry/Getty Images

Accidents may happen, but renters will usually make some attempt to right the wrong. However, in this instance, the renter had no qualms about defecating not only in the bed, but on the mattress, according to Thrillist. Although Airbnb’s insurance covered the homeowner for the indiscretion, it can’t erase the homeowner’s likely desire to burn the mattress and seek therapy.

Next: You ought to be in pictures.

6. No one wants to be famous for this

Martha's Vineyard

The homeowner discovered her property had a starring role in an adult film. | Rolf_52/iStock/Getty Images

Martha’s Vineyard is known as an upscale playground for the rich and famous. And now it’s also known for its porn. One homeowner discovered tenants shot adult films while renting her home, as artwork and her personal hand-sewn pillows were featured in the films, according to The Vineyard Gazette. The homeowner was left in such distress she is unable to rent the home since.

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7. When the renter won’t leave

A chalk outline remains on a street in Manila after the funeral personnel

This sad story is an Airbnb host’s worst nightmare. | Noel Celis/AFP/Getty Images

Likely to be the ultimate worst renter, this Airbnb host found the renter met this sad ending. “The guy who was renting it drank himself to death, [left] a ton of empty champagne bottles everywhere (some pissed in) and he had sh*t at some point and smeared it all over the place,” according to taylerisgr8, Metro recounted.

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