You Won’t Believe What This Guy Did to Avoid Baggage Fees

Snagging a cheap roundtrip flight that also allows a free carry-on is a major win these days. Realistically, it’s downright rare. Sure, budget-friendly airlines catch the attention of travelers, but passengers are often blindsided by the additional costs of choosing seats and baggage fees. While many people just grin and bear it, others flat-out refuse to pay the extra fees.

In fact, one British Airways passenger, Ryan Hawaii, got booted from his return flight from Iceland for trying to sidestep the baggage rules, not once but twice. So, if you’re a bit of a risk-taker, give Hawaii’s baggage fee-saving method a try. Otherwise, these other approaches may be more your speed.

1. Do like Ryan Hawaii and wear 10 layers to avoid baggage fees

Ryan Hawaii british aiways

They wouldn’t let him on the flight. | Ryan Hawaii via Twitter

Are you a risk-taker? If so, avoid the fees by wearing your baggage. Ryan Carney Williams, aka Ryan Hawaii, attempted to dodge British Airway’s baggage fees by boarding the plane layered in eight pairs of pants and 10 shirts. For one reason or another, British Airways wasn’t having it and refused to allow Hawaii on board. When Hawaii rebooked with easyJet, he and his layered body were again denied boarding.

Hawaii finally found refuge in the sky by way of Norwegian Airlines.

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2. But make sure not to get overheated

James McElvar clothing plane

He became ill after overheating. | Rewind via Facebook

If you manage to board the plane layered in your wares, make sure you can also manage to regulate your body temperature. Back in 2015, James McElvar of the Scottish boyband Rewind, found himself in a bit of a pickle while in flight from London to Glasglow. After being told to wait until the plane was stable in the air, McElvar over-heated, became ill, and passed out. Luckily, a paramedic on the flight was able to care for McElvar.

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3. Not into layering? Try gate checking

Washington DC airport

Some airlines will let you check at the gate. | tupungato/iStock/Getty Images

Although a handful of airlines practice stringent baggage policies, other airlines commonly offer to gate check bags to your final destination completely free of charge. This is a convenient workaround the baggage fee policies.

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4. Or just fly Southwest

Southwest Airlines planes

They are a fee-less company. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Southwest Airlines prides itself on being the only fee-less flyer of the friendly skies. Not only may passengers fly with two checked bags, but Southwest doesn’t charge change fees either. All around, the airline has managed to corner the market when it comes to transparency. Or as Southwest calls it “Transfarency.”

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5. Traveling with zero baggage

Clara Benson No baggage tweet

She had to get creative. | Clara Benson via Twitter

Have you ever considered traveling with zero baggage? For Clara Benson, an OKCupid date turned into a 21-day, eight country trek. The kicker? She and her OKCupid date, Jeff, traveled with zero baggage and zero changes of clothes. How passionate are you about avoiding baggage fees?

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6. Utilize that personal item to the max

Young female passenger on smart phone at airport

Go with a backpack. | petrenkod/iStock/Getty Images

The great majority of airlines still allow one personal item to freely come on board. So, instead of a small bag or briefcase, consider using a backpack for your personal item. This way, the dedicated ultra-light packers can throw in a couple changes of clothes and avoid those baggage fees.

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7. Get an airline credit card

United airlines airplane in the newark airport.

An airline card will allow you free checked bags. | Muratani/iStock/Getty Images

United’s Mileage Plus and Delta’s SkyMiles credit cards are just a couple of airline cards that not only offer rewards points, but the cards also offer your first bag to be checked for free. Furthermore, becoming a cardholder sometimes provides the perk of enjoying the member’s lounges during long layovers.

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8. If all else fails, buy this travel jacket

Uncommon goods travel jacket

It’s the perfect travel jacket. | Uncommon Goods

While it may seem a little silly, these travel jackets could absolutely save you from baggage fees. And besides being able to shove your electronics, passport, wallet, snacks, and tablet inside, some of these travel jackets are even equipped with a built-in pillow.

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