Youku BEATS Analyst Estimates and 4 Morning Hot Stocks to Eye

After Sharp’s profit warning last week, its shares have dropped precipitously, prompting Foxconn to announce Aug. 3 it will seek a lower price for its 9.9 percent stake while remaining committed to the deal. The developments may be of concern to Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), considering the role Sharp plays in its supply chain, more so with a new iPhone, a new, smaller iPad and perhaps an Apple TV on the way.

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“I would consider a Nokia again, but I’ve never heard of Lumia,” says Angelo Amato, a former Nokia (NYSE:NOK) customer who reportedly went to buy a smartphone in an AT&T shop in Manhattan last week, but did not see any Lumia devices in the shop, nor did the salesman offer one to him. This incident, reported by Bloomberg, shows the huge task Nokia faces in reclaiming lost market share in the U.S.

Its customers in the U.K. have taken only half the time it took in the U.S. for sales of e-books to overhaul print books, reports Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). In a telling insight into the publishing industry, amazon also revealed that 3 of its top 10 authors publish directly through the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Chinese video hosting service Youku (NYSE:YOKU) beats estimates by $0.05 with its Q2 EPS of -$0.09; revenue, however, was as expected at $61 million though it was up 96 percent over last year.

Chinese internet major (NASDAQ:SOHU) beats estimates by $0.03 with its Q2 EPS of $0.42; so does revenue of $256 million, up 29 percent over last year, ahead of expectations by $8 million.

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