Millennials Are Destroying These Brands More Than You Think, but That’s OK

Millennials are pretty ruthless. From casual dining chains to bar soap to napkins, this much-maligned generation has been accused of killing, well, pretty much everything. The tendency to point the finger at young people whenever a company starts to stumble is so common that it’s become a punch line.

"millennials, a generation of murderers" tweet

“Millennials, a generation of murderers” | Brandon Sheffield via Twitter

Of course, millennials aren’t deliberately setting out to murder America’s favorite brands. Rather, some companies aren’t doing a great job of appealing to changing consumer tastes, and they’re suffering the consequences. That’s called capitalism, not a killing spree.

So which brands are guilty of trying to lay their own failures at the feet of America’s favorite generational scapegoat? We’ve rounded up 15 of the most prominent struggling brands millennials have been blamed for destroying, inluding brands they grew up with. (You’ll be surprised by page 12!)

1. Sam Adams

sam adams

Sam Adams beer | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for NYCWFF

Reason: Marijuana

Rosé yes; beer no. Millennials like to sip on wine but pass on beer, apparently, which recently caused Goldman Sachs to downgrade the stocks of Boston Beer Company (which makes Sam Adams) and Constellation Brands (home of Pacifico, Corona, and Ballast Point). Alcohol sales among young people are down in general, according to CNBC. One reason? Young people are smoking more marijuana, which is cutting into the market for booze.

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